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Escort Girls Melbourne: 5 Positions to Let Her Rock You Towards Ecstasy

Admit it, there have been times when you’ve already reached your level of ultimate sexual satisfaction, but your girl still hasn’t. She still continues to be frisky and playful with you, initiating another round, but you’re too tired. What then shall you do? Call it a night? No freaking way! Despite how tired you are, you still need to fulfill her needs, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all the hard work. You just have to be hard.

The following tips mentioned below will serve as the ultimate life saver for you because it will help you keep your horny girl going. This shall be a win-win situation for the both of you. The insatiable women of Escort Girls Melbourne are built with the most outstanding endurance for sex. So, it would be deemed best that you let her take the wheel this time and leave it to her to rock your world.

Escortgirlsmelbourne1. The Status Quo

The most general of the entire girl on top sexual position, Status Quo is the most basic and doable position ever performed. If this is something that you haven’t tried yet, proceed by doing so.

You can simply lie down with your back on the bed and have her position herself on top of you using her knees for balance. Now, allow her to slide your hard cock inside her dripping pussy. You can let her ride you by keeping her torso up or by lying down above you as you wait for her release and your juice to fill her.

2. The Joystick Ride

In this position, simply find a flat surface for you to lie on and have your arms relaxed just above your head. As you find the position relaxing, have your girl straddle you with her legs stretched out on either side of your shoulders. With your shins or the floor as her leverage, your girl can swivel her hips in figure eight motions so your cock moves around the insides of her walls like that of a joystick of a video game.

3. The Saddle

Often known as the cow girl position, you can either have your back against a wall or use your arms stretched out for your back support as you sit in a loose Indian style pose. Let her climb on to your lap and insert your hard cock inside her tightening pussy in a kneeling position. Let her use your shoulders as leverage as she lowers herself in and out of your rock hard shaft. You can also have her lean closer to your body so you can enjoy the sensation of her bouncing breasts brushing against your chest.

4. The Submissive

For this position, you’re really going to give up your dominant side and assume the submissive. Lie down on your back and lift your knees towards your chest. Have her face you and position your throbbing cock into her squirming pussy while she straddles your hips and squats down with her thighs hugging yours.

Let her lower herself onto you – the closer your knees are to your chest, the deeper your penis enters her pussy. Let your rider from Escort Girls Melbourne gain full control by letting her bend her knees and move up and down with ease with a little assistance from you.


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